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A list of business developments by Michael Bai.

Forex and Investing:

USGFX Your Trusted Trading Partner and Australian Forex Marketplace regulated by ASIC and FCA. This is the Forex Broker I work for. I introduce people to Forex and USGFX, I have clients doing fund management, and I also build Client’s careers and organizations! If you are new to Forex or a Trade Allstar, come join me and my team at USGFX!

Asia Sourcing and Manufacturing

Taiwan Sourcing:


Looking for something sourced or manufactured in Asia?

Far East Ally was established with the goal of helping Western companies achieve success in their business in Asia. We are open to working with any company, large or small. Whether you need someone to be on the ground monitoring quality or you need a second analysis while migrating a large portion of your production to Taiwan, Far East Ally‘s representatives will work with you to achieve and surpass your financial goals.

High Quality LED Lighting

Light Emitting Designs is a world leading manufacturer of high quality LED lighting fixtures. The company’s patented technologies and innovative optical design enable reliability and ultra high efficacy, which is revolutionizing the LED lighting industry. Our product line delivers flexible lighting solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, hazardous location and public infrastructure applications.

Headquartered in the United States, our marketing and sales offices span across all five continents with direct manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Taiwan.

The company has a proven track record of projects installed in various demanding environments, such as petrochemical and power plants, for municipalities and multinational corporations worldwide.

Light Emitting Designs’ commitment is to be the leading provider of sustainable interactive lighting technologies through quality and craftsmanship.