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Public Speaking

I do alot of public speaking around the world and remote. My projects are for employers, freelance, one time gigs, and long term co-operations. Here is my public speaking profile.


Building and guiding businesses is in my blood! I along with my team, take our skills and experiences and help you solve your business problems or to create your business.


about Michael Bai

I began as a son to a chicken farmer in the USA.  I began working with computers in 1993 and computer programming around 1995. 

At 16 I began working at at an IBM Data Center.  After about 2 years In university, something was missing in life while working this kind of job. 

There was a huge amount of structure for everything, and while this was highly productive for others, I go by the beat to my own drum.  So having too much structure in a monotonous job, I decided to change majors and began a double major in engineering and psychology.

I began focus on only psychology after a course and research with my professor in Brain Computer Interface (BCI).  We were focusing on using THOUGHT to control a computer.  This technology would be used for things like helping people control a prosthetic arm to controlling a computer game and many things in-between. 

I moved out to Taiwan after the USA market collapse.  Jobs were tough to find, and a friend of mine invited me to visit her in Taiwan and work for her dad in order to wait out the market collapse.

While in Taiwan I was able to pick up some Chinese, and gained my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Providence University.

While at Providence University, I was employed as an entry level sales for a bicycle industry manufacturer/supplier.  Within 1 month I was promoted due to my performance and another month later I was promoted to department head for my leadership and finally I was promoted on my 4th month to General Manager in Training to take over the office once the owner retired.

I hired some Alumni/Classmates from Providence University and we took the factory from a sheet metal post building on a side road behind other warehouses, to a large state of the art facility.

Life is full of surprises, and I had some family issues back in the USA and needed to move back for some time.  During this time I was consulting some small local businesses and mentoring local up and coming local business persons. 


My focus.

Take pride in what you do, and do it the best.

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Public Speaking

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Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor.


Analytics release series A financing launch party interaction design android angel investor.


Michael Bai in detail

Building Your Businesses to Build Your Dreams


Anything I involve myself in must hold a certain acceptable quality.  I work hard to ensure that quality to you.



Ive always shown an aptitude for a wide range of interests and abilities.  This allows me to adapt to new technologies and concepts as well as keeping me nimble in problem solving. 



A wide range of experience from chicken farming to auto mechanics to residential custodial services to Forex…I have experience in them all.  Diversity doesn’t mean lack of quality either.   In each industry I have found ways to excel for my clients and myself.


At the Ready

I am here and ready for anything.  I tackle problems head on and don’t stop until they are resolved.  Always on your side, ready.



I understand your requirement and provide quality works.

Bringing your business to its next level, no matter the next level is getting started or reaching new goals.

Custom Adjustments

Always looking for methods to improve and to perform better. Custom tailoring for client and projects.

Big Picture Oriented

Long term projects require a view of the big picture in-order to achieve goals, and growth.

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