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Forex Brokers

Looking for a Forex broker? Click here to find the Forex brokers that I work with. Brokers listed in here I have a close relationship with and am able to offer you full support including office allowances, bonuses, backend support, etc. Sign up wiht my link and I will personally be your account manager and consultant, not your IB!

Public Speaking

Some of my public speaking related to the finance industry. Expos, Seminars, Webinars, Meetups, workshops, and more!


Various E-Wallets that I have co-operations with or suggest for use. Great for the digital nomad or just for convenient money transfers.

Tech Providers

FinTech providers from high speed Forex VPS providers to turn key broker white labels. Find all you need in FinTech.

Welcome to my Forex network.  Often you see people on social media showing off their “FOREX Lifestyle.”  Usually showing flashy cars, designer brands, and an idea of FAST MONEY.  Having been in this industry for nearly a decade, I know this can be possible for some, but it not the reality for the majority. 

The difficulties in reaching success in Forex market and industry come from simply knowing how to get started, tto avoiding scams, or even simply to find the resources needed for success.  All of this before even making one trade! 

On the industry side, most brokers recruit IBs with no care for the IB, the IB’s clients, and offer minimum assistance/support to guide the IB, but the broker gives high demands for the IB to bring clients and money into the broker.  This is quite an imbalance and opens IBs and their clients to higher risks of scams. 

Have no fear, Michael Bai and his Team are here.  We only work with and BUILD, REAL professionals in this industry.  Not self proclaimed “professionals.”  This includes Forex brokers, VPS for EAs, Fund Managers, Signal Providers, Educators, Investors, and personal traders alike.

Are you looking to enter the Forex Industry with your own Forex Business?

Are you looking for a new broker to trade with? 

Are you looking for trading resources and education?

Please contact me for all your Forex needs!

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